This project delivery method is often referred to as the “Traditional Method” and occurs when design documents are completed to a point in which a formal bid can be made. This method most commonly utilizes a Lump Sum Contract.

The success of this method revolves around established relationships between design teams and the contractors and working together through the typical challenges that come with a project. Chervenell’s success within this delivery method is a result of our relationships with the designers. We operate on a premise of being reasonable and fair with changes and thus have developed a reputation that lands us on many select bid lists.

GC/CM (General Contractor/Construction Manager)

This project delivery method has become increasingly popular in recent years and involves the contractor being selected at the onset or during the early phases of design. Chervenell has experience utilizing this method on both public and private projects. The method has multiple advantages to our clients in that it allows for early involvement to help shape designs, establish reasonable budget expectations, and provide schedule input. Most commonly GC/CM contracts are completed utilizing a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract. This contracting means requires careful and transparent accounting for all project costs and ultimately allows a client to pay for exactly what they spend on a time and materials basis. Chervenell has been able to leverage this method and contracting means to provide value to our owner’s through a proven history of delivering projects ahead of schedule and under budget. On average our GC/CM projects have resulted in an overall project savings of 3-5%.


This is another rapidly growing project delivery method. This style can be completed utilizing either a Lump Sum or Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracting means and Chervenell has experience with both. The method allows for our clients to have the entire process managed by Chervenell and thus relieves them of many of the time consuming coordination activities that owner’s bear. In this method, our clients engage Chervenell at the early planning stage of a project prior to selecting a designer. Chervenell works diligently to select qualified firms and secure proposals from designers. Then the entire process is managed from this point through the end of the warranty period by the staff. Our clients that choose this method are relieved of many of the stresses and can utilize Chervenell’s experience to navigate the process.


While this is not a primary service, Chervenell does provide these services to select clients. This is most common in situations where our clients are considering purchasing Real Estate, Land, or entertaining a remodel project. With this service, Chervenell would perform analysis, budgeting, constructability, and overall project feasibility on an hourly basis.